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M-201 0.3EX

噴筆 0.3EX


MAD M Series M-201 0.3EX Airbrush have several upgrades!

1) First, we increased the outer diameter of the needle to 1.4mm.  The caliber of the nozzle was strengthened as well.  And it is sealed with an o-ring without the need of any sealant.

2) We tested many different airbrushes to collect data on what are good ergonomics and trigger quality. Based on these statistic, we improved our design.  When you press the trigger, you will experience the same feedback from a $1000 airbrush.

3) These airbrushes not only have heart: they have the look too!  The tail cap now has a cutout!  Beautiful!  Even entry level airbrushes must look cool!

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