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斜口鉗架 (陽極紅色)


Building model kits often uses all sort of tools such as nippers and pliers.  When not in use, having them lying around not only takes up space on the desk, they also make the work area looks cluttered.

Upholding MAD’s philosophy that we are both developers and builders, we have designed an everyday use nippers stand for your nippers/pliers, and various other tools.  The rack can hold up to 10 nippers.  Its unique 3-bar anti-tilt design provide a safe and comfortable home for your tools.

The aluminum side panels are engraved with MAD’s “Flame-A” logo.  Not only does it symbolize our enthusiasm for model building, it also represents our discipline in the craft and our unrestrained passion!  The two A-shape panels sturdily support the weight of all the nippers.

Listen, can you hear?  The nippers stand is screaming: I will hold 10 nippers!

#This product comes with self-adhesive photo-etched detail-up parts.  Two styles to choose from.  The nippers stand requires assembly: consider this as part of the model building process.  The stand provides a sturdy and beautiful storage for your nippers and pliers.  Designed specifically for those who love model building!

Material: Aluminum




左右支撐的鋁型加工側板,更使用了MAD LOGO中的火焰A來設計,除了象徵對於模型製作的熱情,同時包含理性的工整以及感性的奔放!帥氣的兩隻A柱,更穩穩的支撐住所有鉗的重量,此收納架正吶喊著:我要撐10把!!!!



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