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屬於MAD的旋轉電機-型號: M3!

MAD very first Powered Rotary Tool: M3!


1. 使用日本品牌的馬達與軸承。

2. 機殼鎖孔的位置以及散熱孔採用內凹設計,避免刮手,配合粗細適中的表面紋路處理,提升握持的舒適度。 

3. 內建扭力控制器單元-於低速時可進行扭力補償。

4. 夾頭與軸心之間的同軸度出廠前100%測試。 

5. 夾頭局部施以抗磨塗層,提升耐用性。

6. 多國變壓器 CE、PSE...規範認證!

Made by world renowned factory for their highest standard, these are some of the highlights of this power tool:

1. Fitted with Japan-made motor and bearings;

2. Positions of keyhole and vent adopt a recessed design to avoid scratching your hand.  And together with the gentle texture on the shell, to provide a more comfortable grip.

3. Built-in torque control unit automatically provides torque compensation at low speed.

4. The collet and shaft are calibrated and 100% tested before leaving the factory

5. The collect is partially coated with a wear resistant coating to improve durability.

6. The transformer has obtained multiple certificates, including CE, PSE, etc!


- 切割零件

- 凹槽修模

- 去除GK注料口

- 拋光研磨

- 搭配沖孔砂紙去除注料口

- 搭配沖孔砂紙無縫打磨

- GK怪獸輪廓加深

- 戰損模擬製作

- GK雕磨造型

- 鑽孔、擴孔

- 模型改造... 等諸多功能!

Elaborately designed speed range is suitable for many applications:

- Cutting parts

- Patching sink marks

- Removing nubs from GK

- Sanding and polishing

- Removing nub marks using mini sanding sponge disc

- Removing seam lines using mini sanding sponge disc

- Enhancing details on GK kaiju

- Creating battle damages

- GK craving

- Drilling and reaming

- Scale model customization… and more!!

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