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●12歲以下兒童請由大人陪同使用●精密工具請勿重摔,正常操作可使用兩年以上 ●本產品針對塑膠模型設計使用,請勿作其他用途。

A special collaboration between Madworks and WormxTOY!!  Great tools for UV Putty.

Photo-etched Mini Palette Blades, suitable for applying light curing putty and other fillers.  Comes with various blade sizes and shapes for all occasions. Can be hold directly or attached to a handle for better grip and stability.

By leveling the fillers, you can effectively reduce air bubbles and gaps between parts, plus reduce the amount of sanding later.  Each precision photo-etched blade is designed for applying fillers on different parts.  Various tip designs suitable for applying fillers and patching undercuts

● Children age 12 and under please ask for parental guidance.  ● Precision tools, please handle with care. Under normal usages, the blades can last at least 2 years.  ● This product is designed for plastic model kits. Do not use it for other purposes.

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