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弧形尺/曲线规 S


Suitable for adding curve panel line.

  1. With reference to the curvature, select an appropriate stencil from the templates

  2. Use the stencil to mark and cut out the curve on a Carving Guide Tape (Consider putting the carving tape onto a masking tape first. This protects the adhesive and keep the carving tape sticky)

  3. Use the now-cutted carving tape to create the panel line on the part

  4. The tiny holes on the stencil can be used for adding rivets適用


  1. 观察零件所需要用的弧度,挑选合适的弧形尺

  2. 利用刻线胶带进行裁切(底部可用遮盖胶带以免刻线胶带粘度降低)

  3. 使用裁切好的刻线胶带新增或补刻线

  4. 弧形尺上的洞洞也可以拿来做新增柳钉

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